A cleaner environment for future generations

Climate change must be halted. All the countries must jointly establish frameworks and guidelines for emissions and climate schemes. Finland must stop using coal and reduce the use of fossil fuels to one third by the 2030s. The Carbon Free Helsinki 2025 project must be launched. The use of renewable energy must be increased by changing tax focuses and reducing norms.

Finland must find pragmatic solutions to deal with global challenges, climate change and shortages of food, water and energy. These solutions will also create new jobs within bioeconomy and clean technology companies and the food industry.

The diversity of nature should be preserved, primarily using voluntary activities similar to those of Metso, the Forest Biodiversity Programme for Southern Finland. Finland, the other Baltic Rim countries and the EU must jointly assume responsibility for the preservation of our Baltic sea. For instance, increasing the efficiency of the nutrient cycle and related technical solutions would improve the state of the outer sea and inner waters, and create new jobs within our country.

People have to have the opportunity to live, as required by their life situation, as they wish wherever and however they want to do so. The norms and bureaucracy concerning building and housing must be reviewed thoroughly. We need to weed through the regulations that impede building, both in the cities and the countryside.

There is a need for a nationwide move to combat problems related to dampness and mould. This calls for better competence and a heightened sense of responsibility in ordering, designing and monitoring buildings, both during their construction and use.