Less norms, more mutual trust

Finland needs to pull together as one. The safety networks in society at large and our individual communities need to function well. In a sound and healthy society, people help one another, are treated fairly, have the opportunity to get involved, have a say and abide by the same guidelines and rules on which they have jointly agreed.

Instead of excessive norms, people in Finland need more mutual trust. A social contract is necessary for essential reforms, enhanced competitiveness and increased employment; a social contract that represents exceptionally strong and committed collaboration between the Government, the Parliament, the labour organisations, companies and other entities.

The State is required to build confidence, above all, through coherent and long-term decision-making. The public-sector leadership and management needs to be reformed starting with the work of the Finnish Government. The accountancy of the State needs to change.

The public sector must be transformed from an inhibitor into a facilitator - one that encourages entrepreneurism entrepreneurship and work. Unnecessary norms and regulations must be eliminated. Clear deadlines are needed for the handling of permits, complaints and other issues. The flexibility and functionality of public administration should be turned into a competitive advantage for Finland.