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It is time for Europe to shape up. During the next five years, Europe must build up its resilience and guarantee both safety and self-sufficiency in all situations.

The EU has been lacklustre in terms of its competitiveness, security and population development. The Union has focused on the wrong things. Our ability to succeed as one of the major powers in the world must be strengthened. We want a competent, up-to-date Europe, capable of defending Finnish interests in the world.

Do we have enough food, energy and resources without external input? Is there enough demand for our products and work for our workers? Are we dependant on the other major powers of the world or can we stand on our own two legs? The Centre Party’s alternative is a healthy, self-sufficient Europe.

The EU must bear responsibility for its borders. Finland is a strong nation on the outer edge of the EU, with a border that the rest of the EU should also contribute to upholding. It is not acceptable that the Eastern provinces and their residents should, alone, pay the price for their position on the frontline.

While the EU must turn its focus to guaranteeing healthy self-sufficiency and security, it must also loosen its grip on things that are not its responsibility. The Member States must be allowed to decide on their own how they will do their part. The decisions on forest management and bottle caps belong to the Member States and not Brussels. When the EU takes a firmer grip on the big issues and lets go of mundane things, the acceptability and unity of the Union will also increase.

The duty of a Finnish Member in the European Parliament is to defend Finnish interests in all things, both major and minor. The Centre Party’s aim is: more freedom at home, more power around the world. This is a commitment shared by our candidates. A vote for the Centre Party is a vote for a more sensible Europe and for Finnish interests.

Centre Party candidates

Election day on Sunday 9 June 2024 from 9 am. to 8 pm.
The advance voting period is from 29 May to 4 June 2024 in Finland
and from 29 May to 1 June 2024 abroad.

103 Roosa Grönberg
24, Parliamentary Assistant

”I want to build a more competent European Union that holds its own in the competition for growth in a sustainable and humane manner. Growth comes from education, interaction and faith in the future. The most important element in the formula for growth is young people.”

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104 Antti Heikkilä
45, Architect, Managing Director

”As a father and long-time entrepreneur, I want the EU to be a global frontrunner that provides its Member States and companies with the freedom to create something new. We must strengthen our Eastern strategy, peace and self-sufficiency. Let’s create a Europe for Families, where children can be born and raised in excellent conditions.”

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105 Perttu Helin 
46, MA, Special Needs Teacher

”I am a 46-year-old special needs and history teacher from Turku, an active reservist, scout and father – a feared Centre Party urbanite. I want a child-friendly Europe where true peace prevails.”

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106 Petri Honkonen
36, Member of Parliament

”I am a third-term Member of Parliament, former Minister, father and forest owner. We must invest in Finnish people’s security and ensure that the issues that are important to us remain under national authority.”

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107 Kati Annika Häkkinen
43, Hotelier, Author

”A long-time entrepreneur with international experience in the travel and hotel business. My strong roots have given me the courage to do things with a bold Yes! attitude. The European Union needs international vision with local heart.

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108 Satu Jaatinen
57, Entrepreneur, MSc (Econ and Bus Admin)

”Economy is my expertise: I worked as an investment banker in London for 25 years. The prosperity, children’s future, nature, security of supply and territorial integrity of all Member States and regions must be secured in the EU.”

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109 Venla Kajan
25, BSc (Agri and For)

”The past years have been dominated by major crises, like the pandemic and war. We need crisis resilience and decisions that look to the future. Within a stable Europe, Finland can thrive as well.”

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110 Elsi Katainen
57, Member of the European Parliament

”Vice-Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development and Member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism. Nearly three full terms as a Member of Parliament in Finland before moving to the European Parliament.”

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111 Timo Kaunisto
61, General Secretary, Farmer

”I am an experienced professional in the food system and environmental policy. As a Doctor and farmer, I can find information, apply it and promote the interests of Finland.”

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112 Piia Koriseva
51, Entrepreneur, Journalist

The time to act is now! As a journalist and artist, it is natural for me to network, get to the bottom of things and also question matters. I want to bring positive energy and Finnish perseverance to Europe.

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113 Katri Kulmuni 

36, 36, Member of Parliament, Master of Social Sciences

”Third-term Member of Parliament. Extensive language skills and experience in international positions form a solid foundation for the work of a Member of the European Parliament. A stalwart defender of the North, where all of Finland is situated from Brussels’ point of view!”

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114 Mika Lintilä 
58, Member of Parliament

”A Member of Parliament for 25 years, six and a half of which as Minister. At times like these, the EU needs strong and experienced experts promoting Finland’s interests and acting as Finland’s voice in Europe.”

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115 Valtteri Paakki
25, MSc (Geography), Regional Planning Officer

”Home in Espoo, work in Central Finland and roots in the Oulu region. My work involves regional development and regional planning. In the European Parliament, I want to be a part of building a sustainable and fair European Union. ”

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116 Petri Rinne 
49, MSc (Agri and For), Manager

”As a father of four, I am building a more sustainable future for us all, from the centre and together. I have extensive experience of the EU, and I speak for rural and local development – at work and off the clock.”

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117 Petri Roininen
57, MSc (Tech), CEO

”My alternative for both Finland and the EU is growth. The EU should stick to its core functions, in particular, security and a functional single market. It must be globally competitive in those areas.”

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118 Sami Ronkola 
30, youth work in child welfare foster care, musician, Kerava

”I promise to fight for Finnish agriculture and forestry, entrepreneurship and safeguarding and developing the prerequisites for student mobility within Europe. Finnish forests must remain under national authority.”

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119 Marju Silander 
57, Executive, MSocSc

”My aims are to lower living costs, defend homeowners and trim unnecessary regulation. Successful entrepreneurship and humane decision-making, powered by our forests, nature and water. ”

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120 Joonas Soukkio
27, Chair of the Finnish Centre Students

”I am a long-time student organisation activist with plenty of experience from international positions. The European Union must increase investments in defence, water protection and students and education.”

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121 Joel Taskila 
32, Entrepreneur
Let’s hack through the EU’s regulation jungle. Stop the decree tinkering and focus on the big things. No to joint debt and the EU’s forest socialism. Yes to economic and security co-operation and green investments.”

More about Joel  (in finnish) >

122 Ira Toppinen 
51, Economist, Director of Education

”Heart and mind for a healthy Europe! I want to be a part of building a more sensible European Union, where the people, economy and environment are healthy. ”

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