Our most important actions to secure Finland’s success

  • We shall defend Finland, our country’s security of supply and the vitality of all its regions.
  • We shall put the public economy in order in a fair and equal way as a means of saving our welfare society.
  • We shall ensure that an ageing Finland gains more people and jobs.

Campaign promises of the Centre Party of Finland

1. Finland shall be self-sufficient in terms of heating and electricity. We shall take advantage of the opportunities offered by new modes of energy and envision Finland as a superpower of energy. We shall invest in biogas. We shall ensure optimal conditions for food production and forestry.

2. The current roadways and railways shall be kept in proper condition. For this reason, we shall halt all new billion-euro projects. We shall abolish the driving power tax for diesel vehicles to ensure equality among motorists.

3. We shall guarantee a safe life for the elderly. We shall drive new forms of housing alongside home care. We shall improve the allowance for informal carers.

4. We shall strengthen family services and support parenthood. We shall increase the child benefit by 200 euro per year.

5. We shall preserve natural diversity. We shall protect every Finnish citizen’s right to access nature locally and to develop a strong relationship with nature. We shall ensure landowners’ rights to their own property.

6. We shall strengthen local services. We shall bring mental health services within reach of people.

7. We recognise that people are increasingly living alone. We shall raise the tax credit for household expenses for those living alone.

8. Basic education shall focus on the basics. We shall restore classrooms to a peaceful and well-managed environment for teachers and students.

9. Finland thrives on entrepreneurship. We shall avert increases in entrepreneurs’ taxation. We shall propose the issuing of a business ID to every Finnish citizen.

10. We want to ensure that people’s dreams of less crowded living will be realised. We advocate for dual municipal residency as a means of facilitating remote working and access to services.

“The Centre Party’s view of the world is one in which very different types of people are able to perceive that their actions and input matter.”

A letter from Annika Saarikko.


Dear fellow citizen of Finland,

Are we safe and secure? Do we have enough food and heating? Can we afford to pay our family’s bills?

With all these questions in mind, how can we look to the future with hope?

War has forced us to turn back to the basics and see the value of self-sufficiency, domestic food and energy.

The Covid-19 era already made us take a deeper look at the values in life. As the world closed off, many eyes were opened to the possibilities offered by our own country. We sought out less crowded environs and closeness to nature. The significance of family and those around us became emphasised. This new perspective made us view our country differently – as a coherent and inclusive Finland.

We were faced with the realisation that it definitely isn’t enough if only part of Finland is thriving. The conditions for living must be met in all corners of the country and the defence of every cape and hollow is equally important. Only then can we truly keep the entire country of Finland safe.

The current era underscores the core values of the Centre Party.

For decades, the Centre Party has been advocating for domestic food production, developing domestic energy sources and safeguarding local services. We have built a Finland where it is safe for children to play together in their neighbourhoods and where people help one another. We have advocated for a Finland in which the roads, railways and other modes of transportation function, and we have ensured that our national defence does not fall by the wayside, even during times of peace.

We have advocated for Finland as a whole and national self-sufficiency, even when it was not in fashion. We are the original and true party for the entire country of Finland, now and in the future. We stand on the side of each and every region.

The war has brought the world to a critical point. Finland is providing unwavering support for Ukraine and condemning the brutal war of aggression initiated by Russia. We unanimously stand behind the decision the join NATO and endeavour to advance our foreign and security policies with our gaze set firmly on what’s to come.

Despite this, we recognise that geography remains a constant. A long border with an unpredictable aggressor means that the well-being of Finland as a whole, the regional policy, has become an inseparable part of our security policy. This is our message for Finnish citizens voting in the parliamentary elections.

In order for our country to genuinely succeed, we must take advantage of the possibilities that Finland as a whole has to offer. Over the next parliamentary term, the strengths of the different regions must be developed in earnest. We will work hard to ensure that the new direction for our economy, namely a green and low-carbon economy that is free from fossil fuels, drives the regions and the country to a new high. Green innovations create jobs and sustainable growth. They also benefit people, the climate and the environment.

Making use of these possibilities will ensure that Finland continues to be a prosperous and egalitarian Nordic country. The best advocate for a welfare society is its reformer. That is what the Centre Party is.

When households and families thrive, Finland thrives. We emphasise the right to one’s own home, to access nature locally – also in urban areas, to live without crowding and in a way that one chooses – everywhere throughout Finland. Our local approach is our strong suit. Local services have to function in order for households to prosper. Finnish citizens must not be left alone to deal with their mental health issues.

Finland needs children and, therefore, we need better family policies. Part of the necessary reform also includes flexible workplaces, functional family clinics and early childhood education as well as basic education at schools that provide a calm and well-managed environment to work and study.

At the same time, we recognise that there are many types of families and an increasing number of people who are living on their own. Financial support methods and taxation also need to be adapted to these changes.

The core of Centre Party thinking has always been based on the reconciliation of three areas of sustainability – people, nature and the economy.

The economy must be adapted to the carrying capacity of nature. This is a vital condition for us. We approach the depletion of nature and climate change with extreme gravity. At the same time, we know that our innovative nation has the ability to utilise natural resources, such as the forests, in a sustainable manner now and in the future.

As is the case with nature, we need to view the economy through the eyes of our grandchildren. With them in mind, now is the time for tough decisions. The Centre Party commits to stabilising our public economy over the next two parliamentary terms.

Growth and entrepreneurship are the best medicines to achieve a healthy economy. Our country sorely needs these and that is why we back entrepreneurs.

But even this is not enough for Finland. The country cannot afford to remain in a cycle of increasing debt. And the needs for our national defence, overall security and security of supply require and will continue to require a lot of funding. This means that there will be less funds to allocate to other areas of need.
The upcoming parliamentary term is high time to face the long-smouldering reality of ageing. Conforming to the needs of an ageing population is the most vital task for the future of our country. We must correspond to this issue in the same way as to sudden crises; decisively, rapidly and boldly. The services of the welfare society and the sustainability of the public economy both rely on bold decision-making.

The limits of our welfare society are being pushed at the same time we desperately need its services. The elderly deserve the best possible care and our children the best possible education. We must simply do better with less and the resulting choices must be made in a way that is fair and equal.

The economy has never been the goal of the Centre Party, it is simply and only a tool. The values of the Centre Party have always been based on civilisation and moderation, not unsustainable consumption. In our opinion, the most essential keys to well-being lie in humanity, human capital and neighbourly love.

The Centre Party does not view it as its task to define a good life or the right kind of humanity. The Centre Party’s view of the world is one in which very different types of people are able to perceive that their actions and input matter. People of all ages, appearances and backgrounds must feel that their contributions are important and necessary. That their life, lifestyle, livelihood and community are valuable.

The Finland envisioned by the Centre Party Finland is a country in which dreams and hopes are attainable regardless of one’s background or wealth. The Finland envisioned by the Centre Party Finland is a country in which those who are able to work are doing their part, entrepreneurship is rewarded and everyone who needs help will receive it.

The Centre Party is building a Finland that provides freedom as well as a call to bear responsibility. Our foundation is based on finding common ground, not building up walls. We intend to continue taking the political middle ground, independently but with an aim to build bridges. We want the Finnish experience of belonging and community to continue to serve as the greatest resource of our society.

We are building a Finland that takes pride in what is valuable and traditional but is not stuck in the past. We are building a Finland in which every person has faith and trust in tomorrow. It is necessary to keep moving onward.

This is precisely what’s at stake in the upcoming elections. Human dignity, the resilience of households, social inclusion. Food, heating, local services and confidence. Finland’s safety and future. These are the basics. Ensuring that Finland continues to be the world’s best country for us.

So onward we go. A bright future awaits.

Annika Saarikko
Chair of the Centre Party

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