Emma Jelley

Espoo, Pohjois-Tapiola
johtajuusvalmentaja, juristi, 45

Hello! I'm standing to:

- Advocate for the international and returnee population of Espoo, both in English and Finnish;
- Speak for an inclusive, future focused mindset in Finnish politics;
- Contribute to the sustainable, green future of Espoo.

Who am I?

A former General Counsel (UK/IE) at Google, a certified coach, diversity, equity and inclusion facilitator, and an entrepreneur. I am Finnish-British and moved here from London in 2018. I bring:
- Business and cultural insights derived from 19 years’ experience in international organisations;
- Integrity, energy, curiosity, and a drive to pursue an inclusive, environmentally sustainable future for Espoo.

Focus areas include:

How can Espoo benefit more from available international talent? How can employers be supported in this? Can Espoo benefit beyond tech talent, and adopt an approach more systemically inclusive of international family members?

In my free time I enjoy stunning Finnish nature, chats with friends around the world, cooking, and playing with my lovely children.


Inclusive Espoo

The population of Espoo is increasingly international and diverse. This is a good thing, given that:

- Innovation and creativity are boosted by diversity;
- Many Espoo businesses seek to serve international markets, for which they need global insights;
- Finland is sitting on a demographic time bomb.

Yet diversity, without equity and inclusion, is doomed to fail in delivering its promise. My pledge is to ideate and advocate for policies with inclusion in mind.

Green Espoo

No human endeavour can succeed without a natural ecosystem in which to exist. Wellbeing is underpinned by access to green spaces, clean air and clean waterways. We are all stewards of natural resources, which we hold in trust for future generations. These ideals need to be defended at all levels of government, from local to international: I propose to use my voice, influence and energy for this purpose in Espoo.