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A sustainable future for all

We believe that discussion and deliberation are the basis for responsible decision-making. In all our politics, we are guided by our values. There are always alternatives and possibilities to do things in a new way.

The Centre Party’s ambition is to guarantee everyone gets the chance to live a good life. We want to take responsibility in all times – and responsibility is much needed in creating a sustainable future for all. In this challenge, people, nature, and economy all need to be taken into consideration. We work for a future where everyone is heard and needed.

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Santeri Alkio

“All social and state reform should be based on humanity and its development.”

-Santeri Alkio, party founder

What matters to us

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Your everyday life

In Finland, everyone should get to lead a balanced life. This includes the chance to work, to have access to education, to make an impact, and to be able to build one’s life wherever one chooses.
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We care about families and children so that they can become happy grown-ups. Our ambition is to make Finland the most child-friendly country in the world. A place where it feels good and secure to start a family.
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A wise person appreciates nature. It is a companion that offers us possibilities of work and welfare. This is why we think everyone should have close access to nature wherever one lives.
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